Jurors: Conspiracy charge was hardest, from there other counts fell into place

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Manolo Morales spoke to three jurors from the Kealoha Trial.

They are jurors #1, #8, and #11. That’s how they prefer to be identified for this interview. They say count 1 the conspiracy charge was the hardest and it took part of Wednesday and half of Thursday to unanimously agree on the verdict. From there, the other counts fell into place.

JUROR #1: “It was evidence it was verified for all counts they made it easier cause we went through the evidence ourselves and that’s how it came real quick.”

They found Louis and Katherine Kealoha, Bobby Nguyen, and Derek Hahn guilty of conspiracy and three counts of obstruction of justice.

The jury found Gordon Shiraishi not guilty of all charges. He was implicated mainly for allegedly lying to the grand jury and the FBI when they asked him about the mailbox incident two years later.

JUROR #11: “It was basically a recollection of what happened two years ago, which I myself can’t even remember what happened two months ago on a particular day on a particular time.”

As for the strongest evidence for the prosecutors, there was 99-year-old Florence Puana’s video testimony. Jurors say she was so compelling they referred to her as grandma.

JUROR #11: “For me, yes it was grandma. It was a long video I think it took the whole day pretty much and pretty much she was the one that nailed it.”

There was also the grainy video of the mailbox being taken. But they say the phone records were the strongest evidence showing the defendants texting and calling each other on key dates.

JUROR #1: “That was the main one.”

JUROR #8: “That was the biggest one yeah in support of every count.”

“No hesitation from anybody?”

ALL: “No hesitation there wasn’t any.”

JUROR #1: “That’s probably why we finished so fast.”

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