Jurors in Kealoha trial shown enhanced images of alleged mailbox

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As prosecutors get ready to rest their case in the Kealoha trial, jurors were shown enhanced images of the alleged mailbox theft.

There were more questions on whether Alison Lee Wong exists.

A retired FBI special agent testified that he enhanced the surveillance video of the mailbox being stolen.

He also made enhanced still images showing the man in the video.

It was still very hard to see but prosecutors made the point that you can see facial hair on the man in the video.

In past testimony prosecutors showed pictures of Gerard Puana before and after the mailbox theft without facial hair.

Also on the witness stand was Gerald Kurashima, an attorney who represented Gerard and Florence Puana, in the civil lawsuit against Katherine Kealoha.

He noted that the Gerard Puana Trust which names Kealoha as the trustee, was notarized by Alison Lee Wong. 

But the state has no record of her as a notary. The document also did not have a notary seal, which is usually done to make documents officially notarized.

Kurashima testified that when he asked Kealoha about the document during a deposition Kealoha said the trust does not look like the same document she signed.

And that while she knows an Alison Wong, that is not the same person who notarized the document.

Rick Ornellas, who says he has known Kealoha for 15 to 20 years, testified that he got emails from Alison Lee Wong who identified herself as Kealoha’s secretary. 

He sent her three emails asking her to call him, and she never did.

The trial goes on recess next week and will resume on June 17.

Prosecutors say they have three to four witnesses left.

Among them, Daniel Sellers, the former HPD officer, who cut a plea deal with the federal government.

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