Judge wants Katherine Kealoha’s doctor to testify about her cancer

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A judge has ordered the doctor for Katherine Kealoha to testify. The former deputy prosecutor has asked the judge to delay her trial because she has cancer.

The doctor is scheduled to testify in a closed hearing on Monday. For now, the judge is making arrangements to go on as scheduled, with jury selection to be held at the Blaisdell Center on March 18.

Kealoha and her husband, former police chief Louis Kealoha were back in court Friday.
Final preparations are underway for the trial accusing them and three former HPD officers of corruption and obstruction of justice for allegedly framing her uncle for stealing their mailbox.
The judge says 481 possible jurors are expected to show up at the Blaisdell for jury selection. Some legal experts say the biggest question for both sides is can the jury pool set aside any bias toward law enforcement?

“Because there are people who value the police and there are people who actually vilify the police. And you never know what you’re gonna get. So those are deep seated biases that can be very difficult to overcome,” said criminal defense attorney Victor Bakke.

Some of the potential jurors are from the neighbor islands. If chosen to serve, with the trial expected to last several weeks, that means they will likely be flying home daily or staying in a hotel.

“They can vary on the individual juror. If they want to, they can fly back and forth every day if they needed to because you can’t discriminate against a juror who has children or has some other duty,” said Bakke.

Out of the large pool of potential jurors, attorneys for both sides will have to come to an agreement and eliminate those who they feel cannot be impartial. A judge will be asking questions agreed upon by both sides.

“Have you ever been the party to a lawsuit? Have you ever sued somebody? Are you friends or have family who are in law enforcement?” said Bakke.

The court filing does not say what type of cancer Katherine Kealoha has.  She’s asking the judge to delay the trial until May, so she can get treatment.

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