In 2017, comedian Jo Koy sold out 11 shows and 23,000 tickets at the Blaisdell Concert Hall. 

He’s back in town, and has moved on to a bigger venue: the Blaisdell Arena. 

His first of four sold-out shows on his “Break the Mold” tour begin Wednesday, November 21.

Jo Koy, whose real name is Joseph Glenn Herbert, says there’s two things he loves about being back in the islands. 

First is longtime KHON2 Anchor Joe Moore. Jo Koy first learned of Moore when he watched reports of Joe announcing Jo Koy’s sold-out concerts last November. 

“I love him. I put him twice on my Instagram. I think the guy’s amazing. It was such a cool thing. It was such a cool post!” said the comedian. 

Second: the people of Hawaii. 

“First of all, who doesn’t love Hawaii? If you don’t love Hawaii, then there’s something wrong with you as a person!” said the Washington state native, who now calls Los Angeles home. 

“It’s so much fun that even the stuff that I have prepared goes rogue. I’m in this zone. I’m in this pocket when I’m on stage. Stuff comes out of my mouth that I didn’t even write. It’s just so organic,” he said of last year’s shows on Oahu and Maui. 

He reflected on a moment at the Blaisdell concert hall.

“When I walked off stage last year and the security guards hugged me and said ‘We claim you, brah,” I got so emotional. This is hands down the best fan base I ever had. Ever. I knew right then and there I have to bring this special to Hawaii.”

On his Saturday and Sunday shows, Jo Koy will be taping his next Netflix special. 

Security will be strict. Cell phones won’t be allowed in the arena; usage of phones for taping could get you kicked out. Patrons are also asked to be in the arena at 7:30 p.m. sharp. 

Jo Koy promises a good show. 

“I want to show the world what kind of love this place has to offer. Aloha is real, right? If I can just show it on this big platform…that will be special to me.”

Though coy about what people can expect at his shows, the comedian is known for interspersing tales of growing up Filipino-American in his standup acts. 

But he wasn’t shy about sharing his favorite Filipino food dish. 

“My sister makes the best shrimp monggo!” he exclaimed. “I love it because she peels the shrimp for me, she doesn’t leave the shell on. I’m in my forties, and my sister still peels my shrimp,” he laughs. 

Break the Mold Tour will be held November 21, 23, 24, and 25 at the Blaisdell Arena.