Jaylin Kema receives warning for violating terms of probation

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Jaylin Kema is not following the terms of her probation, according to the court.

In June, Kema was sentenced to 10 years of probation for the death of her son, “Peter Boy” Kema.

According to a document signed by her probation officer and filed in circuit court, Jaylin Kema was nearly an hour late for one appointment, and missed another entirely.

Her officer also said that Kema changed her phone number and failed to report it.

Lastly, Kema tested positive for marijuana. “She stated that she was in pain, and that she met with a friend at the cemetery to purchase the drug,” the document stated.

Kema is not allowed to use the drug, despite having a medical marijuana card.

Kema received a warning from the judge, and a hearing will be scheduled.

Six-year-old Peter Kema Jr. vanished on Hawaii island in 1997. His father, Peter Kema Sr., later admitting to killing the boy and dumping his body in the ocean.

Kema Sr. is scheduled to be sentenced next Monday, July 24.

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