It’s Aloha Friday every day for one Kauai woman

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Many people save their finest aloha print for aloha Fridays, but one Kauai woman doesn’t wait till the end of the work week to wear her favorite aloha attire, she’s wears it all month long.

January is mu’u mu’u month proclaimed by the state of Hawaii. But well before that, a Kauai business owner was already wearing one every single day.

“It’s part personal challenge and it’s also just to celebration that doesn’t end in 31 days, Shannon Hiramoto said, owner of Machine Machine. “I wear one every single day if I leave the house I have to be wearing one that’s the rule.”

With Hiramoto’s sixth annual mu’u mu’u month underway, she hopes more people understand her message behind the challenge.

“I think it’s important to preserve them. I feel like they are at risk of being repurposed or destroyed or forgotten about and it’s important that we not only keep them and preserve them also wear them and bring them back to life.”

You can catch Hiramoto sporting her favorite dresses at exercisions she organizes for the mu’u mu’u community. But there’s more to it than just wearing the garnment, it’s the story behind each dress.

“What is really interesting is the way it relates to other people and they in turn tell me about their moms their aunties, their grandmas and the m’uu mu’u they used to own and it unlocks a lot of story telling and a lot of sharing and a bridge between women it’s very very intersting.”

Hiramoto loves the idea of mu’u mu’u’s every day and she’s not alone. Each year a couple more women hop on a couple dozen women are behind the movement and it’s all for a good cause.

“I try to create this space for the mu’u mu’u in my store front as something that I don’t really want to monetize. I don’t want to commercialize this vintage mu’u mu’u because it’s a celebration and I want to keep it separate so what I’ve done is find a way to resale vintage mu’u mu’u and donate the profits to the historical society here on Kauai.”

Hiramoto says she’s looking forward to many more mu’u mu’u months to come.

“I hope that it continues on sometimes i think will i be doing this 20 years from now what have i started. But I hope I am, I hope my daughter carries it on too.”

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