HONOLULU (KHON2) — With kids back in school, some parents might be worried if their keiki is getting bullied in and outside of the classroom. 

The Hawaii Department of Education is committed to making sure everyone is safe and has access to an enjoyable learning atmosphere for all students, families and educators.

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They work to reduce bullying and cyberbullying by teaching students a culture of respect, resiliency and responsibility by using a framework of prevention, response then follow-up. 

Hawaii DOE considers bullying any written, verbal, graphic or physical act that hurts, humiliates, harms or intimidates a student. This includes those with protected class statuses, that are sufficiently severe, persistent or even pervasive that it creates an intimidating, abusive or threatening educational environment. 

Hawaii DOE considers cyberbullying an act where electronically transmitted acts on a cell phone or other wireless hand-held device harms, humiliates or intimidates a student, or employee. 

These types of bullying can take place on campus, on department transportation or during a department-sponsored event. 

To help stop bullying Hawaii DOE is ensuring all schools are invested in building a positive school culture and climate to encourage students to be nice, empathetic and respectful to their peers. 

Some Hawaii DOE schools have students leading anti-bullying efforts and other schools take on a community approach.

If you suspect someone is getting bullied Hawaii DOE asks you to make a note of it in the department’s student support database. This database allows schools to identify and monitor and track students’ concerns over time.

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For more information about actions taken when a student is bullied head to Hawaii DOE’s website