iPhone found on a Waikiki reef still in perfect condition 2 years later

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Jon Abila has been finding other people’s cherished items for over a decade.

Abila posting the items on social media, hoping to find the rightful owners. 

Earlier this year, he found a golden cross and reunited it with its owner who lost it Waikiki more than 50 years ago. 

He says he’s found GoPros, cell phones, jewelry, sunglasses and much more. 

His latest find, this iPhone 6S.

He found it on Wednesday at the surf spot called “Populars.” 

The phone in perfect condition and still works. Abila brought the phone to Gagdet Guyz, who has helped him find the owners in the past. 

After taking out the SIM card and putting it into an unlocked iPhone, he was able to get the owners phone number. 

Abila calling the number. 

“Hi, I’m calling from Honolulu, Hawaii and did you lose a phone in Waikiki?” Abila asked. 

The owner, Ben, said he did and was shocked that Abila found it.

“Thank you so much!” Ben said. 

When asked how long it had been there, Ben said two years. 

The date on the iPhone’s lock screen read Monday, April 3, which was in 2017. 

The owners family, who lives in Washington, in complete shock. 

“You just made my son’s night,” said Ben’s father Matt. 

He tells KHON2 he told his son to be careful with the phone and to make sure he had a waterproof case. 

“He was surfing and the line on the neck thing broke,” he said.

“We searched for hours and we could not find it,” Matt said. 

Abila cleans all the items he finds and posts the items on social media for people to find. He says he won’t sell the items, no matter how long he’s had them. 

He told KHON2 earlier in the day he wanted to find the owner of the cell phone before Christmas. 

“I want to make someone happy for Christmas,” he said. 

“Well you did it! Good job!” the owner’s father said. 

Abila will send the items in the coming days. 

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