Investigators say animal remains show no sign of abuse, cruelty

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The search is on to find out who left bags full of animal remains on the side of a Nanakuli road.

The rotting carcasses and scattered bones were found by 14-year-old Emily Snyder and her mom, Shannon Rountree, just off Lualualei Naval Road Sunday.

Snyder told KHON2 she was riding her horse when she spotted bags and bags of Pedigree dog food and noticed an awful smell coming from the area. She went back with her mother to look inside the bags.

“We weren’t quite sure what it was, so we went up there, we took the bag off and unfortunately, it was a female pitbull who looked like it still had puppies inside of her,” Snyder said.

Both Snyder and Rountree are volunteers with the non-profit group K9 Kokua and they felt that something was definitely wrong. They actually counted the sets of remains and figured there were more than 30 animals, most of which were dogs, so they called the police.

“To have that many dogs wrapped up inside of Pedigree bags, that’s somebody who didn’t want anybody to find them. They were hoping that nobody would have stumbled across this,” said Rountree.

On Monday, KHON2 returned to the scene where the Hawaiian Humane Society’s investigators and chief veterinarian spent three hours scouring the area, taking pictures and collecting evidence.

After they left, the society’s spokeswoman said there were only 11 animals–nine pigs and two dogs–and there was no evidence of animal cruelty. The pictures will be sent to a forensic anthropologist to make sure.

There is a landfill nearby and the spokeswoman says it’s possible that some people who wanted to dump their dead animals in the landfill were told they couldn’t, so they decided to dump their animals on the road.

As far as picking up the remains, the spokeswoman says the society has no plans to do that.

The Humane Society of the United States, which is a separate organization, said animal cruelty is still a possibility. It is offering a $5,000 reward for anyone with information.

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