Incomplete crosswalk uncovers bigger issue with road project

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A confusing and potentially dangerous crosswalk on a busy Oahu street prompted KHON2 to seek answers from the city, and we found the incomplete crosswalk is part of a larger issue.

The half-finished crosswalk is on Beretania Street near Isenberg Street.

Since September, the city has been working to repave Beretania, from the university area to downtown but in addition to leaving the crosswalk unfinished, KHON2 has learned the city has run into some delays.

“They don’t even know if they can cross here,” said Nelson Mandaday, who works just down the street from the crosswalk. “I don’t even know if I can cross here.”

For pedestrians who tried to use the crosswalk on South Beretania Street the question was is it safe to use?

“It actually would throw people off, you just cross and then there’s someone making a right turn and they would have that blind spot, but couldn’t see and just keep driving,” said Manaday.

So KHON2 went to the city to get answers on the incomplete crosswalk.

“There’s been a lot of work on the road,” said Robert Kroning, Department of Design and Construction Director. “we’ve torn up some of the parts that are crosswalks where striping already is.”

The crosswalk was supposed to be re-striped right after the work, but it wasn’t done.

“We understand and right, there is supposed to be temporary striping put down immediately, so that doesn’t happen frequently so were going to get that fixed immediately,” said Kroning.

Immediately is right, just a day after asking the city about the crosswalk, it was fixed.

KHON2 also found the city is facing another issue with the Beretania Street repaving project.

“As we went to repave the road we discovered quite a few utility conflicts so right now we’re in the process of analyzing that and seeking whether we’ve got to do some of the redesign to the road,” said Kroning.

That’s causing delays in the work.

It was scheduled to be finished in November of this year, but now there could be some delays.

“It may be pushed back a little bit, but I don’t see it pushed back many months, maybe one or two,” said Kroning.

While the city looks to get back on track they do say once the work is finished drivers can anticipate a much smoother ride.

“I drive down that road just about everyday myself and it needs to be fixed so the good thing is its going to get fixed and its going to be a nice ride,” said Kroning.

The initial cost of the Beretania repaving project was estimated to be about $9.5 million.

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