HONOLULU (KHON2) — If you are looking for something to do this weekend or even just for Aloha Friday, there is an event that will be taking place filling up this area of the Hawaii Theatre.

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The inaugural Hana Hou Festival and a beautiful thing is to know that 100% of donations that will be raised during these two days will be going straight to support Maui.

So, to find out more about this event, we are here with Hawaii artist and ukulele virtuoso, Jake Shimabukuro.

Before we dive into a little more of this event, what can people expect for the next two days here at Hawaii Theatre?

“It’s just going to be two nights of all these wonderful artists, both local artists and international artists coming together to support the Maui community and we are doing that through the Hawaii Community Foundation,” says Skimabukuro.

“It is a wonderful event that was planned prior to the wildfires, but once we saw what was happening out there, Dean Osaki, who is the promoter and producer of the festival, we talked and decided to make this a benefit.”

I know its really interesting with this particular event where the music is not just one style but a range of genres that people can experience here.

What was the catalyst for bringing this together and the reason why you wanted to create the Hana Hou Festival?

“I always thought it would cool to have a music festival here that just encompasses all of the diversity and the different styles of music,” says Shimabukuro.

“So we have everyone from Brother Noland and Kimie Miner to Mick Fleetwood and The Jets and Keiko Matsui. It is going to be a wonderful, wonderful mix of people and everyone that is coming, we are here to show our support and, of course, we want to raise money but the most important this is we want the music to just bring us all together as a community to stand strong for each other.”

And I know tomorrow, Friday, is the release of your new album, “Grateful.”

You are going to be sharing some of that music throughout the festival, so tell us a little bit of the story to that.

“Yes. So, before everything was happening with Maui, this was going to be a CD release project for a new album. Its called ‘Grateful’ after Justin Kawika Young’s song ‘Grateful,'” says Shimabukuro.

“But, its really, you know that saying, okagesama de which is I am what I am because of you. Its really a collaboration of all the Hawaii based artists that shaped me and inspired me over the years. We got Henry Kapono on there, Brother Noland. Actually, Henry Kapono will be making a surprise guest performance on Friday. But also, its just all these people who inspired me that I grew up listening to. We just did a bunch of duets and that is what is on the record. So, that also comes out on Friday, the same day as the first night of the festival.”

Again, you can take advantage of one, or maybe both days, of the inaugural Hana Hou Fest right here at Hawaii Theatre.

Both days, Friday and Saturday will kick off at 7:30 p.m.

If you cant make it here, there is a live-streaming opportunity.

Again, 100% of the donations given through this event will go and help our brothers and sisters on Maui.

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