HONOLULU (KHON2) — Clean-up efforts will be taking place this weekend in the Kalihi neighborhood. State of Hawaii Organization of Police Officers (SHOPO) is sponsoring the event. 

SHOPO members said they will be working alongside residents and business owners to paint over graffiti, pull weeds and cut back overgrown vegetation, remove trash and throw out illegally dumped, large bulky items clogging some Kalihi sidewalks.

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“This is a great neighborhood, home to many hardworking families and small businesses. They deserve a safe and clean environment to live, work and spend time together,” said Robert Cavaco, President of SHOPO. “We’re looking forward to working with our neighbors to restore some of the shine to the Kalihi neighborhood.”

More than seventy volunteers are confirmed for the volunteer clean-up event. Stephen Keogh, the Vice President for SHOPO, said everyone deserves to live and work in a safe neighborhood, and they also deserve to feel safe in those neighborhoods. 

“A neighborhood that has walls and fences overrun with gang graffiti, sidewalks blocked with a thoughtless person’s junk, and where weeds overgrow public spaces, is a neighborhood that makes you feel less safe, it’s depressing,” said Keogh. “It shouldn’t be that way and its why we organized this clean up.”

With the pandemic lingering on into another summer, many people are ready to do their part in keeping their communities clean, safe and enjoyable. 

“It definitely took all of us as a community working together to weather the pandemic,” said Keogh. “However, as life returns to normal, we cannot grow complacent about things like neighborhood beauty and neighborhood pride.”

The organization has maxed out the number of volunteers for this weekend’s clean up. However, Keogh said they are always excited to sign people up for future clean-up events.

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“When you look at your window or walk to a park and see gang graffiti it makes you feel unsafe. When it shouldn’t be that way,” said Keogh. “So, we’re going to paint that out. A simple step that has a real-world impact for those who live here.”