Improvements to a damaged seawall at a popular North Shore beach park are beginning.

The repair project is intended to stabilize and recover the structural integrity of the seawall at Haleiwa Beach Park, which protects the adjacent comfort station, play field, and other public amenities.

The seawall and the surrounding area were closed in April 2018 as a result of safety concerns from the destabilized structures, including the development of sinkholes and significant erosion.

The $2 million contract for the improvement project was awarded to Sea Engineering, Inc., and is expected to be finished by fall 2019. The project was scheduled during the summer months before the large winter swell season for Oahu’s North Shore.

This repair of an existing seawall that protects important public resources went through an analysis consistent with Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s directive on climate change and sea level rise issued in July 2018. As a repair to an existing seawall, it is not characterized as a new seawall.

 “Haleiwa Beach park is a gathering place that brings the community together and is a healthy place to play for our keiki,” said Mayor Caldwell. “I am pleased that these repairs are being made in line with my Directive. We need to find localized solutions to protect important public facilities while avoiding new seawalls that can damage our beaches.”

The public is advised to avoid the immediate area surrounding the improvement project; however public access to a majority of the park and the surrounding shoreline will remain open.

The park driveway and parking lot on the Waimea-side of the property, as well as the parking lot on the Waialua-side, will be impacted by the staging and transportation of construction equipment. Approximately six parking stalls on the Waimea-side will be used for the project and there will be periodic use of the Waialua-side to facilitate access.