“I’m so sorry,” North Shore residents pay tribute to fallen victims of fatal crash

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All day long family, friends, and even people who have never met the victims have paid their respects. 

A memorial has been set up in honor of the victims, leaving flowers and lei. 

When the call came in around 6:30 p.m. on Friday, June 21, officials told KHON2 that there were six passengers on board. No one survived. 

Later that same night, that number jumped to nine. 

Unfortunately, early morning on June 22, Honolulu police confirmed news that no one wanted to hear. 

11 passengers were on that plane and no one survived. 

It’s not just the 11 victims and their families that are hurting from this tragic incident. 

Every single one of them is someone’s friend, son, daughter, mom, dad, husband, wife, and more. 

Several people that KHON2 spoke with in the area just want those impacted by this tragedy to know that the North Shore community is with them. 

“I just can’t believe it,” said resident Gayle Syverson. “I’m so sorry for them. There’s nothing we could’ve done. There was nothing left. There wasn’t a sign of anyone in that plane.”

“I’m a pilot and I’m so sorry what happened and I have flown here a lot I just feel that was something I wanted to do,” said resident David Gray.

“I grew up seeing skydivers and me being inspired, I want to do this for my 21st birthday and something like this happen, giving flowers is just the smallest sign of respect,” said resident Brennalyn Kaopua Medeiros. 

“It’s a loss of life. It’s never a good thing,” said resident Sylvia Rogers. “People should respect their life. You never know when it’s going to end you are here today you are gone tomorrow.”

Federal investigators with the NTSB and FAA are handling the investigation. 

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