HONOLULU (KHON2) — Parents at Wahiawa Middle School were told the school is investigating an incident of two students consuming THC edibles and taken to the hospital. Also this week, a student on the Big Island was arrested after police said the student took a “starter” pistol onto campus, these incidents are raising concerns in the community.

The Kalihi YMCA Executive Director Kyle Ishizaka said the past two years of the pandemic and the lack of structure for students, could put the youth at risk of negative behavior.

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Ishizaka said, “With the youth being, you know, isolated for so long without having activities, I think their energy is coming out, as well as, you know, just not having the structure and the support that they may have had if they were in school.”

Hawaii Island police said Kamehameha Schools administrators alerted them of a student suspected of carrying a revolver on campus.

Police determined it was a “starter” gun, unable of shooting projectiles. The student was charged with terroristic threatening and disorderly conduct.

Student CrimeStoppers Coordinator Sgt. Chris Kim said the P-3 Tips app is a secure and anonymous way for kids on campus to report unsafe activities.

“We’ve had cases where they’ve reported students arriving on campus with some type of contraband,” Kim said. “Whether it be a vaping device or some type of weapons, we’ve had reports of guns and knives, we get reports about fights or bullying type of issues.”

Kim said the Student CrimeStoppers program is active in 60 schools, and they are working to get the curriculum into even more campuses.

He said tips by students increase after doing presentations on campuses.

Meanwhile, the YMCA also has drug abuse treatment programs at schools for students seeking help.

Ishizaka said, “Re-engage students about the education of dangers of drugs and alcohol, you know, the dangers of drugs, as well as peer relations.”

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