Ige focuses on fixing three key economic issues in his State of the State

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HONOLULU(KHON2)–Governor David Ige talked about the problems our state is facing in his State of the State address Tuesday.

Ige got down to business referring to the high cost of living as the elephant in the room.

“We in the government owe it to every working family to give this our best shot,” Ige said as he addressed the crowd and outlined how he plans to chip away at the problems.

“We want to make an impact in dollars in the pocket for working families, in affordable housing, in a real way, and in pre K because we believe every child three and four should have access to a quality program,” Ige explained.

To combat the high cost of living, the legislature is proposing a modest minimum wage increase wtih targeted tax relief over time. To solve the affordable housing problem, they propose building 17 thousand affordable homes by 2030, and they are suggesting partnerships with the private and nonprofit sector to give our pre K education a boost.

After Ige’s speech House Speaker Scott Saiki (D) said he is happy the governor is continuing to embrace the package they worked on addressing pre K, income and inequality and affordable housing.

“We’re looking forward to working with (Ige) throughout this session to fine-tune the legislation. It is going to be important that he remains involved because once those become law his administration will be responsible for implementing them,” Saiki said.

Senator Kalani English (D) praised Ige for talking about collaboration.

“For the most part we agree with what he talked about and now the hard work lays ahead,” English said.

But not everyone was as impressed.

Representative Gene Ward said that most second term governors are looking at building a legacy. Ward said Ige has failed to do that.

“(Ige’s) legacy will be the Korean missile scare and the TMT.”

Ward also didn’t buy into Ige’s solution to the states economic problems.

“To say that our economy fits our people– all we gotta do is give them daycare, all we gotta do is give them a little bit more in terms of housing and subsidies. I just don’t see that as realistic.”

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