HONOLULU (KHON2) — Governor Ige answered questions about the Aloha Stadium project Friday morning. He said the funding was reassigned in the most recent legislative session to the Department of Business Economic Development and Tourism.

They appropriated 350 million dollars for construction of the new stadium period. There is no funds available for the new entertainment district.”

Governor David Ige

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The governor responded to comments about this being a sudden change in direction. Ige said there never was sufficient funding to build the entertainment district “until this year, they appropriated $350 million to build a stadium. So, for the first time, we have a viable project to move forward with.”

The Aloha Stadium Authority said they don’t think this will be enough to build the stadium and wonder where the upkeep money will come from. “The whole idea of this NASED or this P3 development of the entertainment district is to generate the funds needed to maintain our stadium,” said Claire Tamamoto.

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As for construction plans, the governor said he will be making specific announcements in the next few weeks as this is a focus towards the end of his term. Among other projects, Ige said this is a race to the “finish focusing on the things the task at hand, as you know, we are working to move the stadium along.”