‘I won’t leave until I get her,’ father says as crews prepare to search for missing Big Island woman

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — It’s been almost a week since 24-year-old Megan May Funderburk, better known as May, was last seen on the Big Island.

“On Tuesday evening Feb. 11, a female party came to the police station [and] reported that Megan Funderburk was missing. She doesn’t actually know her. She had been contacted by an acquaintance who had left for the mainland. It was actually Megan’s boyfriend,” said Lt. Rio Amon-Wilkins, an investigator with the Hawaii Police Department.

According to police, she was last seen near the Wainaku Scenic Point. She was with her boyfriend at the time.

“He indicated that on Sunday evening, that he and Megan were in the area of Wainaku Scenic Lookout, which is about a mile outside of Hilo. She had gotten out of the car to get something to eat, and she never came back to the car.” said Amon-Wilkins.

Her father David said she moved to Hilo 5 years ago from Oregon.

“She was busy working here on farms trying to carve out a farm lifestyle. She did house cleaning and farm work. She’s outdoors, very capable, [and] very generous,” said David Funderburk, Megan’s dad.

He flew in to help with the search for Megan.

Some of her belongings like her shirt and cell phone were found in a grassy area near the Wainaku Scenic Point .

“Her cell phone and some of her clothing items were recovered from that area by a fisherman,” said Amon-Wilkins. “We did a pretty comprehensive search of that area and weren’t able to locate her or anything suspicious in the area.”

Right now Hawaii Police say there’s no evidence of foul play, but they also won’t rule that out.

“At this point we’re just following up on any leads we can get and just trying to locate other friends of hers in the area,” said Amon-Wilkins.

Chris Berquist, an experienced search and rescue coordinator from Maui, is leading a search party this weekend.

“The area where the phone was found, is a couple hundred yards away from the parking area, and it’s a woodsy area, lots of little ravines, lots of little cliffs,” said Berquist.

He said the plan is to search from the road down to the sea and surrounding areas.

“We’ll have a high angle team that will work the ravine zones, the cliff zones. We’ll have a couple of foot teams that will press through the grassy areas and down the shoreline,” said Berquist.

Megan’s family is also asking for people to keep an eye out for her.

Her father said she’s 5’6 feet tall with blonde hair, weighing around 100 lbs. She also has identifying tattoos on her arm of a tree and butterfly.

As for the search, her family said they won’t give up.

“Right now we’re looking for volunteers. We’re going to have a volunteer outreach. We are looking for a hub, a community center somewhere that we can set up our place, and you know, hit it from every angle possible,” said Funderburk. “I wont leave until I get her.”

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