HONOLULU (KHON2) — The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency is reminding individuals that it takes one storm to change everything. 

The 2022 Central Pacific hurricane season is predicted to have 2-to-4 tropical storms, fewer than average. With climate warming, more energy will allow for bigger storms, more rain and stronger winds.  

This year is the 40th anniversary of Hurricane Iwa and the 30th anniversary of Hurricane Iniki–two of the most impactful hurricanes to affect Hawaii. Back in 2018, Hawai’i felt the effects that came of Hurricane Lane and Hurricane Douglas in 2020. Hurricane Linda in 2021 became one of the near misses to Oahu. HI-EMA asks that individuals stay prepared and able to cope with what is to come in case of an emergency.  

Some simple actions that individuals can prep for are: 

  1. Be aware of hazards around you – in places you work, where you live, and play.  
  2. Get alerts when it happens- sign up for news alerts and get information for all counties on HI-EMA website: https://dod.hawaii.gov/hiema/get-ready/ 
  3. Set a plan- work out with individuals you live with a plan of where to meet and how to take care of each other. 
  4. Prep an emergency kit- Set enough food, water, and supplies that will last you at least 14 days. You should also have a bag for 72 hours for the case of evacuation where you need to stay in the shelters. 
  5. Consider insurance- Talk to an agent about flood and hurricane insurance. Insurance can give individuals a piece of mind knowing that they may be covered.  
  6. Add strength to your home- Consider using hurricane clips or other measures to protect your property from the effects that come from hurricanes.