WAIMANALO, Hawaii (KHON2) — The Honolulu Police Department (HPD) executed a search warrant at a Hawaiian homestead property in Waimanalo on Thursday, Feb. 4, after reports surfaced of illegal gaming activity.

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Police said, a 42-year-old man was arrested in connection to gambling promotion and possession of gabling devices. A total of 12 other individuals were arrested in connection to violating the mayor’s emergency order.

The Department of Hawaiian Homelands (DHHL) had also been investigating the home for a potential lease violation resulting from illegal game room suspicions. A DHHL enforcement team accompanied HPD during the search to document illegal activities.

The Hawaiian Homes Commission chairman said, illegal gaming activities constitute a homestead lease violation.

“The community’s concerns over the illegal activities being conducted by this lessee were heard. DHHL had been independently investigating the incident. We are thankful that HPD quickly initiated a criminal investigation and executed a warrant to expedite the enforcement.

“A residential homestead is not the place for illegal gaming activities and illegal activities of any kind are a homestead lease violation. We recognize that there has been a rise in the number of game rooms being operated on our lands and will continue to work with HPD to make addressing these violations a priority.”

Hawaiian Homes Commission William J. Ailā, Jr.

The DHHL will now subject the lessee in question to the Department’s lease violation policy to determine if the lease for the homestead will be canceled.

Honolulu police seized cash, drugs and upwards of two dozen gambling machines from two illegal Kaakako game rooms on Wednesday, Jan. 27. Members of the public are asked to call the police Narcotics/Vice 24-hour hotline at (808)-723-3933 to report illegal gambling.