HONOLULU (KHON2) — The new Honolulu Chief of Police Arthur “Joe” Logan held a press conference Friday morning to share his goals and how he plans to tackle some of the challenges the department has been facing.

Allegations of corruption and other criminal offenses by officers, an audit of department policies, a shortage of officers and an overall lack of faith have been hanging over the Honolulu Police Department like a black cloud.

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Logan has his work cut out for him but stands poised for the challenge.

“I look forward to continuing our relationship between myself the administration and the media,” Logan said addressing the media that gathered at HPD for the press conference. “It’s important that it’s a two-way relationship.”

According to Logan, one of his biggest challenges is restoring trust. Not only with the public but also within the department.

He plans to visit every district and division on the island.

“I’m working that right now and together we will earn and rebuild the trust of the community,” Logan explained.

Honolulu Police Commission Chair Shannon Alivado said he hit the nail on the head with respect to what’s important for him to focus on going forward, not only starting with the department personnel, both sworn and civilian, but also for members of the public.

Logan said one of his other priorities is addressing the officer shortage.

“We’re taking a look at where everyone is in the department as far as say special assignments,” he explained. “Is everyone in the right place and required? Or can we move some people perhaps back into patrol so we can fill these 300 vacancies?”

He said HPD has developed a marketing campaign using social media and television and are back in the community recruiting and they are also looking at recruiting officers from other states

“I think mostly it’s about being more creative,” Alivado said. “(Logan) coming from the National Guard, if you look at their numbers, they were able to recruit quite successfully. So I’m hoping he can look at some of their — their success rates and bring some of those tools into the department.”

His short-term goal is to get his commanding officers to buy into his philosophy and decision-making process.

“We make decisions based on legal, moral and ethical right and if we’re not — if we haven’t — if we can’t say yes to those three terms, legal moral and ethical, than we shouldn’t be making that decision,” said Logan.

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Logan’s formal swearing-in is scheduled for June 29.