HONOLULU (KHON2) — Making Honolulu’s Chinatown safe is a mission for Mayor Rick Blangiardi and Chief of Police Joe Logan, he presented to the neighborhood board on the department’s efforts to reduce crime in the area. 

Logan expressed to the Chinatown Neighborhood Board members how he would like to see a vibrant and well-kept Chinatown once again. 

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Logan said, “It was very, you know, a thriving metropolis and how do we get it back to that? And so that’s the goal, and how do we help you do that, of course, we can’t do it by ourselves.”

The Daiso Operations Manager Steven Fond shared some of his experiences with the police chief, he said they have dealt with suspicious people coming into their store ever since they recently opened. 

Fong said, “Running into a lot of issues with the homeless and some of the chronic people that have been coming in and out of our store almost on a daily basis.”

Logan said he is considering different approaches to policing, he said “broken windows policing” could be a tactic to bring to the department. 

“Broken windows is an older version of really zero tolerance kind of policing,” Logan said. “You litter, you get arrested, if you’re sleeping where you’re not supposed to be sleeping.”

Meanwhile, he said the department is still waiting on new security cameras that are meant to be installed in Chinatown. He said there have been delays with the technology getting to the island, likely supply chain issues. 

“Unfortunately the camera system is not operating, so how do we help with that,” Logan said. “That gives us more eyes in the areas where perhaps police aren’t at the given moment.”

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During the meeting, HPD said the cameras could be up by early next year.