HONOLULU (KHON2) — A man from Waipahu is in custody after being arrested on suspicion of possessing several weapons that were not registered, also known as ghost guns.

According to state officials, ghost guns are firearms that are “unserialized, untraceable weapons that are often made at home and purchased without background checks.”

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Kendrick Adolf Augustine was taken in custody for one count of Unlawful User of Controlled Substance in Possession of Ammunition.

Court documents state that four search warrants were issued and officials searched Augustine, his home and two of his vehicles.

Upon search, the following violations were applied:

  • smuggling goods into the United States
  • unlawful importation of a firearm
  • unlawful to receive or possess a firearm not registered to the possessor in the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record
  • illegal to receive or possess a firearm which is not identified by a serial number
  • unlawful to receive or possess a firearm which has been imported or brought into the United States

Police then saw Augustine arriving at his home on a moped with a backpack.

Officers approached and detained the suspect.

HPD searched the backpack and reported that they found semi-automatic pistols with no serial numbers, cartridges with ammunition, silencers, meth and pipes.

When officers then searched his home they said they found four other handguns, eight rifles, suppressors, 11 firearm lowers and 10 military-style ammunition cans.

A detention trial was held for Augustine today.

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He remains in custody at the Honolulu Federal Detention Center.