HONOLULU (KHON2) — The International Market Place is promoting their exclusive platform allowing digitally native, ecommerce and legacy brands to open shop in a brick-and-mortar. 

International Market Place now offers short-term leasing options to plug-and-play retail spaces with quick turnkey solutions for every phase of the store-opening process. 

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Most recently we reported on the 16-year-old entrepreneur who opened shop on the second floor of the International Market Place. 

Breana Grosz, the general manager for International Market Place, said Kyra Lung used the program and they are excited to see her flourish. 

“We were delighted to be able to support Kyra Lung in her entrepreneurial quest through our ‘Emerge with Taubman’ program,” said Grosz.

Their Emerge with Taubman program gives business owners the opportunity to go lease and market quicker and offers prime positioning. 

She said new brands are often positioned alongside established tenants in increased foot traffic and exposure. 

In Kyra’s case she is nestled between Sketchers and Harley Davidson, two very established store fronts on the second level. 

“This is an exclusive platform that we launched in 2020 to assist brands, local designers and artisans desiring to open retail locations with flexible terms and we love working with them,” said Grosz. 

She said the program also offers seasoned store designers to help bring brands to life and it’s easier for pop-up shops to become permanent shops if they can. 

“Our highly experienced team of professionals is able to provide support with every detail of opening a pop-up or online store,” said Grosz. 

She said the past season alone, the Emerge With Taubman platform helped place a variety of new tenants. From up-and-coming designers and art galleries to legacy and European brands. 

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For more information about this program or to apply for it yourself head to International Market Place’s website