HAWAII KAI, Hawaii (KHON2) — Folks can call a plumber if their toilet is leaking, but what about leaks at parks and public bathrooms?

An issue at one Oahu dog park concerned some users, but it was resolved on Wednesday, June 1 thanks to a little outreach.

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The water faucet at Hawaii Kai Dog Park had a significant leak since the week of Monday, May 16. The president of Hui Ilio — a charity organization that helps manage the park — told KHON2 that a park user with a one gallon jug showed just how much was being wasted.

“One of our users had actually shot a video last night,” said Ken Barclay, president of Hui Ilio.

“The one gallon filled up in less than three minutes, so that’ll give you an idea. And that’s with it dripping, not running, but dripping!”

Ken Barclay, Hui Ilio president

After KHON2 reached out to the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR), a worker came out and repaired the faucet the very same day. Barclay and the Board of Water Supply said the City will help others who share water concerns.

“Make sure you have an address, the location of the leak and the time of day,” said BWS information officer Kathleen Pahinui, “We may still call you back if we need additional information, but the more information you can leave us, we’ll get on it right away and we don’t stop until we get resolution.”

The BWS said the best way to get in touch about public water concerns — including leaks in parks — is through the contact information below.

They get reports from all over the island, but will work with the DPR until a solution is found.

A DPR spokesman said the following in a statement to KHON2:

“Mahalo to our maintenance staff for the prompt response on this.  We have established a great collaborative effort with the BWS to lower our water consumption, minimize wasting water, and streamlining these kinds of reports.”

Nate Serota, Department of Parks and Recreation spokesman

“It was changed in the time it took to talk this morning and now,” Barclay said, “so, well done!”

Pahinui closed with a reminder of the BWS request for Oahu residents to voluntarily reduce their water consumption by 10% through the summer.

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“We believe we can stay to voluntary throughout the summer, but we are going to have a hot, dry summer,” Pahinui said. “So, we need everybody’s kokua on this; helping us manage our water.”