HONOLULU (KHON2) — Do you like your job? More importantly, do you like your boss?

Around half (51%) of workers in the United States said that they are satisfied with their jobs. That leaves a gaping 49% who are not satisfied.

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Of the workers interviewed for a study done by Pew Research Institute, around 62% of employees liked their bosses. However, around 33% said they are satisfied with their opportunities for promotions.

So, when we look at the median between how many employees who like their bosses with the percentage of employees who feel that they are not receiving advancement opportunities, we find the 51%/49% divide.

So, how do you find that perfect boss that will not only be a great leader but will also provide you with opportunities to flourish? Let’s take a look.

Check the references

Yes, even the boss will have references. So, before you give out those details, take a minute to find out what other employees have had to say about the potential boss in your life.

You can go through LinkedIn to find out where they’ve worked and what type of things they did. This will inevitably lead you to some former employees. Connect with them and talk to them about their experiences.

It is better to connect with former employees as you don’t want to get the corporate line that so many employees are either forced to tow or feel they have to two.

You can also utilize company and boss review sites like Glassdoor, Fairygodboss, vault, and a few more to find out what employees really think.

Have interview questions prepped

That’s right the interview is as much for you to Suss out the employer as it is for the business. It’s a two-way street so be sure to use it.

As you evaluate the management, the business/company and the role for which you are applying, you can gain greater clarity into what your life will be like.

You have to decide whether you like what you are hearing and seeing. You can ask questions like:

  • what the core values are of the company and your boss.
  • how is collaboration supported amongst team members.
  • how is success acheived and supported.
  • what the advancement opportunities are like and what percentage of employees are promoted from within.
  • how your skills will be strengthened, nurtured and expanded.
  • what opportunities there are for gaining new skills.

It is important to determine if you will be happy with their advancement opportunities since this could make or break your long-term experience with the business/company.

Utilize social media

Social media is there at your fingertips; so, don’t forget that it’s a tool that can utilized in your quest for the perfect boss.

You can learn so much about someone when you go through their social media posts. Even if you can only see limited information, you can still learn a lot.

Their psychological state of mind, how they view humanity, familial bonds, even political affinities can tell you much about the person we are considering having as a boss.

Don’t forget to keep what you find to yourself while in the interview. You don’t want to be seen as a stalker. This is for reconnaissance purposes.

It’s ok to keep swiping

If after going through these steps you feel like that boss is not the right fit, do not feel bad about moving on to someone else.

With only half of the U.S. workforce being happy with their employment, it is important that you feel like you have found a place where you can prosper.

You can join all sorts of employment platforms like Indeed or Monster where you can find lots of other metaphorical fish in that proverbial sea. The most important thing for you is to take a job in which you will be happy.

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That’s pretty much the long and the short of it. There are a lot of princes/princesses out there but which is the best for you in your quest. Don’t settle. Look for someone who recognizes your potential and will do their best to ensure you have opportunities.

Don’t forget that being happy is not a bad thing and is a sign of success.