HONOLULU (KHON2) — Yelp is partnering with a Seattle-based food tech company to provide health inspection data to more than 48 U.S. states, including Hawaii, as well as to Toronto and Vancouver, Canada.

Hazel Analytics now powers the health scores data on nearly 700,000 Yelp pages, according to the announcement on Thursday.

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In Hawaii, Yelp business pages will soon display a health score of green, yellow or red. That means consumers will know if the restaurant they’re planning to visit is in compliance with health inspections. This is all public data that Hazel Analytics collects from Hawaii’s health department and provides to Yelp.

Below is a list of Honolulu health inspection trends:

  • Average total inspection violations reported by the health department were down nearly 23% from pre-pandemic levels (2021 vs. 2019).
  • Average critical violations reported by the health department were down 17% from pre-pandemic levels.
  • During the pandemic, Honolulu’s health department conducted virtual inspections via FaceTime, particularly for pre-operational inspections.
  • Inspectors reviewed current state and county COVID-19 guidance on social distancing, masks, and disinfection of high contact areas during inspections.

To check the health score of a restaurant on Yelp, go to the “Amenities and More” section on their site or the “Info” section in the app. Users can also click on the health score for inspection and violation details. This tool may not be available for all Hawaii restaurants yet, but here’s one example:


(Courtesy: Yelp)

You’ll see that the health score for Duke’s Waikiki is green. If you click on the hyperlink, it takes you to a page with more information, including that the last inspection was on Oct. 22, 2021. There were no violations.

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With COVID-19 restrictions lifting and more people returning to indoor dining, Yelp’s health scores program can help both restaurants and customers stay the course.