HONOLULU (KHON2) – Aug. 19 is observed as national soft ice cream day! The day lands on a Friday which is the perfect excuse to treat yourself on lunch or after leaving work or school.

According to National Today, soft ice cream has been around since the 1800s, however, some food historians say they can date the tasty dessert even earlier than that!

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There is nothing better than grabbing some ice cream after swimming in the ocean on a warm summer day. Honolulu is home to numerous ice cream shops and cafes that serve almost every flavor you can think of.

Yelp ranks the best soft serve ice cream within a region and came out with their list of best spots on Oahu for August 2022. 

They take into consideration reviews, popularity and location when coming out with their ranks.

Kokoro Cafe came in first on Yelp’s list of best soft serve ice cream in Honolulu. They are known for their signature Shaka soft serve ice cream cone.

Best Soft Serve Ice Cream in Honolulu:

  1. Kokoro Cafe – Waikiki
  2. Premium Matcha Cafe Maiko – Waikiki
  3. Thrills Soft Serve – Ala Moana
  4. Favorites– Kaimuki
  5. Double Three – Honolulu
  6. SomiSomi – Honolulu
  7. KITH Treats – Waikiki
  8. Niu Soft Serve – Mo’ili’ili
  9. Samurai – Kalihi
  10.  Kawaii Ice Wave – Kalihi

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To read the full list and see when these ice cream shops are open, head to Yelp’s website.