HONOLULU (KHON2) — In recent years the Hawaii Tourism Authority has pivoted its efforts to a new regenerative model of tourism and is actively working with Hawaii’s visitor industry and community to Mālama Kuʻu Home, or care for our beloved home.

That commitment is evident in the community focuses programs and initiatives that it supports. For example at Mauna Kea Resort.

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“I was fortunate enough to participate on the steering committee for the DMAP plan as coordinated by the HTA and the steering committee was comprised of representatives from the community from the visitor industry and various sectors around the island,” said Craig Anderson, the vice president of operations at Mauna Kea Resort. “It was really designed to create initiative or a plan to support the regenerative tourism initiative from HTA.”

KHON2 asked Anderson so then here at Mauna Kea Resort how are you supporting dmap?

Anderson replied:

“In a variety of ways, as you know the DMAP plan has many components to it. And I think the two most important for us are supporting local agriculture and supporting local producers. So we work closely with a lot of local farmers in addition to food hubs like adaptation and food suppliers like Hilo products and we just launched a popup mana up at the resort this past may and they’ll be in operation through October. And they’re an organization that supports local entrepreneurs and really provides a platform for them to launch their locally produced products.”

So from your perspective why is your work here at Mauna Kea Resort so important?

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“I think it takes all of us to support the DMAP initiatives,” said Anderson. “And that’s part of our DNA — part of our kuleana, when Laurance Rockefeller originally developed this resort it was one of the things that he was deeply committee to so we think we have a deep responsibility to partner with the community and support the dmap initiatives.”