Bruno Mars’ first concert sold out within a couple of hours yesterday and it seems—just as quickly— scam artists moved in.

Some people are telling us they’ve fallen victim. Here is what to look for so it doesn’t happen to you.

Thousands of people across Hawaii logged onto at 10 a.m. Saturday, June 9, to purchase Bruno Mars tickets for his Nov. 10 show. 

Many fans said they couldn’t buy tickets online and were stuck waiting only to get kicked off and told their tickets were sold to someone else.

Now fans are saying ticket prices are too high and some are being scammed by third party sites.

Last year, the Better Business Bureau received over 300 reports regarding ticket scams.

Jason Kama of the BBB in Honolulu says some scammer websites can be a dead giveaway.

“What you’re going to want to look for on any ticket site is that you have the secure lock on the top right, and what that means is that you’re looking at the right URL,” Kama said. 

He adds that scammers take advantage of big names and popular shows.

“They are looking for popular names or concerts, ones that people are going to rush to get because what the scammers are banking on are that people are going to get desperate and they are going to act before they think,” he says. 

He says there are three tips buyers should keep in mind.

“First, verify the source, do your homework and make sure this is a site that will have a ticket that you want. Second, use your credit card at all times don’t do wire transfer or use a debit card, you want that added protection. Third, once you figure out details of the ticket try and call the venue and see if the seat actually exists,” Kama added. 

So what else should you be aware of?

“Be really aware of sites that report huge discounts or huge savings or stuff that seems out of the normal. We always tell people if it sounds too good to be true sometimes it is,” Kama continues. 

He also adds that fraudulent websites play off legitimate website names like Ticketmaster and Stubhub so double check the URL.

And remember, only buy from trusted vendors, be wary of ads, don’t buy from an unsecured website, and know the refund policy.

The BBB works directly with the National Association of Ticket Brokers, a site that lists valid ticket sellers. For more information on the NATB, click here.