HONOLULU (KHON2) — Gun laws differ depending on what state you live in. For those living in Hawaii, gun laws are stricter compared to southern states like Alabama, Georgia and Texas.

According to the Hawaii Police Department all firearms in the state of Hawaii must be registered whether or not they are serviceable and no matter how they are acquired.

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All firearms that are imported into Hawaii from out of state must be registered. If you want to purchase a handgun or acquire a shotgun or rifle in the state of Hawaii, you must be 21 years old. You must also be a United States citizen. 

To apply for a permit, you can go to any police station on island. Click here for police stations near you. 
There are requirements for Hawaii residents to pass in order to obtain a firearm permit. 

People are not eligible to own or possess a firearm or ammunition if:

  • They are a fugitive from justice.
  • They are under indictment, have waived indictment or have been bound over to the circuit court for a felony, any crime of violence or illegal sale of any drug.
  • Have been convicted of a felony, any crime of violence or illegal sale of any drug.
  • Are or have been under treatment or counseling for addiction to or abuse of any dangerous, harmful, or detrimental drug or alcohol.
  • Have been acquitted of a crime on the grounds of mental disease or mental disorder.
  • Have been diagnosed as having a significant behavioral, emotional, or mental disorder or for treatment for organic brain syndromes.
  • Are younger than 25 and have been adjudicated by the family court to have committed a felony, two or more crimes of violence or an illegal sale of any drug.
  • Have been restrained by court order from contacting, threatening, or physically abusing another person.

If you meet all requirements to obtain a firearm, there is still a waiting period in the state of Hawaii.

According to HPD the minimum waiting period is 14 calendar days between the time you apply for a permit and the time you may be granted the permit. This waiting period gives the police department time to conduct a background check to make sure you are eligible for a permit to acquire. 

To obtain a gun in Texas it is vastly different. According to the state of Texas there is not a set waiting period to obtain a gun and people just need a valid license stating they are 18 years old. 

Those 18 and older can legally buy and carry a long gun and handgun. In Texas you do not need a permit to carry a handgun unlike the state of Hawaii. 

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Fore more information about the gun laws in Texas click here. For more information on the gun laws in Hawaii head to Hawaii Police Department’s website