HONOLULU (KHON2) — Staffing issues are ongoing as the threat of COVID is still a concern, but not every local company is desperate for hires.

Some local companies are fully staffed and KHON2 found out how they are keeping their employees happy.

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Staffing Solutions of Hawaii general manager Nicci Olds said priorities are changing for potential employees. “Pre-COVID, pay was always in the top three,” Olds said. “Now, pay is not even in the top three.”

“One of the biggest things we’re starting to see is they’re looking for training and development,” Olds said.

Potential employees want jobs where they can “exponentially grow their career,” according to Olds. That often includes training, combined with flexible work hours so their mental and financial health stay secure.

“They want something that long-term is going to be a good fit, not only for their paycheck but also mentally,”

Nicci Olds, taffing Solutions of Hawaii general manager

A positive work environment with support structures is also important. Hawaiian Telcom said part of their community engagement is through a Malama Hours program, where full-time employees get up to 40 paid hours each year to volunteer.

“And so they get together around those, those interests and to things like beach cleanups and hold recycling drives,” said Ann Nishida Fry, Hawaiian Telcom corporate communications manager. “And we also have things called special interest groups or clubs where we have tennis, there’s a group that plays tennis every Sunday.”

Beer Lab HI on University Avenue is also good on staffing and said it is all about inclusion.

“When you walk in, are you a candidate that really fits into something that can be a part of our culture and our family also? And another aspect of that really is to make sure our employees feel as though they are really running the show here,” said Nicolas Wong, Beer Lab HI founder.

When it comes for advise for potential hires, Staffing Solutions said the digital world gives them plenty of ways to ask questions.

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“We have social media now, so you can literally reach out to these employees that are working there and say, ‘Hey, what do you like about the company,” Olds said. “What are the pros, what are the cons?'”