House damaged in hit-and-run crash in Kailua

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A Kailua couple had a rude awakening Wednesday morning after a car slammed into their home.

The incident happened on Oneawa and Kalama Street around 3:30 a.m. 

“It sounded like an explosion, and the house shook really hard,” said homeowner Rex Hadlich. “I came out (of the room), the dogs were going crazy, my wife was hysterical because she was up watching her drama shows, and I noticed there were car headlights in my living room.”

Hadlich says the car sped down Kalama Street right into his fence, before crashing into his living room. All of which were recently renovated. 

He says there is major damage to his windows, walls, door, and even electric. Some of his personal property like his couch and irreplaceable china was ruined. 

Hadlich said he went to go see if the driver was okay but within 20 to 30 seconds, the driver had pulled out of their driveway and headed towards Kailua town. 

“I felt kind of violated and I really wanted to find out what happened,” he said. “I was concerned to see if the guy was hurt or something but he decided to leave the scene.”

Hadlich pointed out the burned rubber from the tires by his front door.

He also has to call an exterminator, the car crashed into his flower pots which brought in dirt, ants and cockroaches. 

“I was more concerned with my family and pets, and we’re just happy no one got hurt,” he said. 

Hadlich said he will take the next two weeks off of work to fix his house. He’s hopeful that police will find the dark colored sedan, and the driver. Any witnesses are asked to call police.

Police say they have opened a hit-and-run case, no arrests have been made. 

“We’re just hoping we can solve the mystery of the car that tried to park in our living room,” Hadlich said. 


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