HONOLULU (KHON2) — Hope is fading for the family of a former Hawaii woman who has been missing in California for six weeks. The sister of May “Maya” Millete says each day gets harder with no trace of her.

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Millete has three young children. Her sister said, what makes her disappearance even more heartbreaking is that she has not been able to contact and comfort the children because of Maya’s husband.

“He didn’t really want us to talk to the kids. He didn’t really want us to ask questions or anything like that,” said Maricris Drouiallet, Maya’s sister.

She says there are 16 kids who are cousins that get together regularly.

“Not being able to talk to our nieces and nephew, that’s the hardest one cause they used to come over and run toward us and give us kisses and hugs all the time,” said Richard Drouiallet, Maya’s brother-in-law.

Millete is a Radford High School and University of Hawaii at Manoa graduate. She and her husband Larry got married 21 years ago in Kakaako.

She was last seen at her home in Chula Vista on Thursday, Jan. 7. KHON2’s sister station there reports that Larry had been cooperating with police but has since hired a lawyer and stopped providing information.

“It kind of hurt us in a way because now he’s not cooperating at all and we felt that he’s not wanting to help us in the search of his wife,” said Maricris.

They have been getting a lot of help from volunteers who have organized search parties. A business also hired a private helicopter, but no clues were found.

There is some optimism that they find answers soon while their hopes fade of finding her alive — they say the FBI is now involved.

KHON2 tried to reach out to Maya’s husband but was unsuccessful.