Honolulu woman under quarantine falls ill, still not allowed to get off cruise ship

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The Honolulu woman still quarantined on the cruise ship in Japan has fallen ill and thinks she could have the coronavirus.

She has asked health officials there to take her to the hospital, where her husband is recovering from the virus. But she says they won’t allow it.

The couple has already contacted the U.S. embassy and has reached out to KHON2 to see if any state officials can help at all in getting Mrs. Tyson off the ship.

Dan Tyson says his wife came down with a fever and called the ship’s hotline for medical help, and was told no one was available. So she then asked if she can be taken to the hospital where her husband is recovering.

“They said that ain’t gonna happen. The best they could do is for her to stay there and if she gets into an emergency situation then they’ll take action,” said Dan.

The woman has asked us not to use her name. Her husband is seriously concerned because the whole quarantine process on the ship has drawn a lot of criticism, with now more than 600 people infected.

“This whole thing on the ship is just an unmitigated disaster,” he said.

Lt. Gov. Josh Green has reached out to the CDC and spoke with the couple Wednesday morning (Hawaii time). He says it seems that she has the early symptoms of the infection and told her to let officials there know that she’s having trouble breathing.

“That will be the ticket for her to get care immediately. No one would deny someone care if they’re thinking clearly on that. So I expect she’ll get care quite quickly,” said Green.

He also says he will stay in contact with Mrs. Tyson just to make sure she is getting the medical care that she needs.

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