HONOLULU (KHON2) — Once the presents were opened Saturday morning, Honolulu was gifted a full day’s worth of sunshine on Christmas Day.

Many residents took advantage by unwrapping their beach chairs, umbrellas and towels as the people’s park, Ala Moana Beach Park, was back to hosting for the holidays for this 2021 season.

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“This is the old Hawaii seeing everybody out here barbecuing, that’s a normal thing.”

Tavale Masalomasalo, a Kalihi resident

Many felt that it was a safer environment to hold a family gathering outdoors.

“We’re outdoors, the sun is out, the wind is blowing. We’re OK, definitely think we’re not risk-free but we’re closer to being safer,” Davis Savea, a Pearl City resident said.

The Savea ohana has been celebrating Christmas at Ala Moana for years. In 2020, those plans had to be moved indoors, but like many others, they were excited to reunite.

“Good size, pre-COVID would’ve been over 50 people, but today probably going to be closer to 30. They at their own comfort levels, some people sick so they’re staying home being smart,” Savea added.

Some brought family from all over.

“We get family traveling from the states that’s coming here too; so good to reunite over here. This is our home beach, this is usually our spot,” Masalomasalo said.

Others wanted a chance to get away from cleaning up the Christmas morning wrapping paper.

“No more nothing for do at home, can clean at home, but all the weekends we can just be busy so only one time we had family,” Mike Tomas, a Waipahu resident, said.

Keiki had so much fun in the sun that some requested it become a Christmas tradition.

“First time coming on Christmas because our son wanted to start a Christmas tradition. He wants to start a Christmas tradition of a Christmas swim,” Nohelani Kobayashi, an Aiea resident, said.

For all of those KHON2 spoke with came the hope that Christmas 2022 can be what it once was.

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“It’s nice that everybody can get out, and it’s been two years so everybody can just go back to normal soon,” Kobayashi continued.