Honolulu Police obtain national attention for homeless outreach center

Local News

The Honolulu Police are getting national attention for a program to help the homeless.

The department recently partnered with the state to open a joint outreach center for the homeless. 

The center would allow homeless to get help for minor injuries and other issues without going to the emergency rooms.

Now, the concept is being considered for other communities. 

“So you look at this with just a little bit of money and a little bit of effort..and you’re making progress. Be interesting to see what it is 5 years from now,” said New York Police Department Sergeants President, Ed Mullins.”and men and women who make up HPD ..they bought into it. they’re the first line of what we’re dealing with so that’s important.” said Mullins.

The United Coalition of Public Safety held a conference in Hawaii, and members learned more about the center and how its helped here. 

Other communities are looking at how they could create something similar. 

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