HONOLULU (KHON2) — “Hawai’i Beach Safety Week” kicked off on Monday, and Honolulu Ocean Safety are reminding the public to mindful of the weather conditions and the many hotspots that do not have city lifeguard towers.

These hotspots include Kalama Beach Park, Kahe Point’s Electric Beach, Portlock, Shark’s Cove and Ke Iki Beach, Ko Olina, and even Ewa Beach.

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As more visitors — and even residents — seek more adventurous ocean outings, lifeguards have to understand the risks of each of these activities.

“We have definitely had to adjust and we have conversations now about what the victim might be wearing — an inflatable vest, a coiled leash, does the victim have a paddle, a dangerous foil blade under the water, etc.,” said Honolulu Lifeguard Eugene Teixeira, an instructor in the division’s Training Unit. “Places like Kailua Beach, and in particular, Kalama, can have a number of people doing different kinds of things in a very small place.”

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Ocean Safety advises beachgoers to keep up with weather alerts, have a phone in a waterproof bag if possible and check in with lifeguards nearby.