Honolulu named 2nd most expensive city for travelers

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As many people are planning summer vacations, TripAdvisor announced Wednesday the most expensive cities to visit for a summer getaway.

Honolulu is the second most expensive city in the U.S. for a summer trip, according to its annual TripIndex Cities cost-comparison study, which was conducted ahead of the summer travel period by TripAdvisor with Ipsos, an independent research firm.

The study compared cost of a three-night trip during the summer in nearly 60 key tourist cities around the U.S. and world, taking into account typical travel costs for two. For each day, the Index factored in a four-star hotel stay, an organized tour or activity at local attractions, a round-trip taxi ride, as well as lunch and dinner.

Top Five Most Expensive U.S. Cities according to TripIndex:

DestinationLunch (per day)Dinner (per day)Taxi (2-mile round-trip)Tour/Activity (per day)Hotel (per night)Total (3 days)
4San Francisco$32.97$87.24$29.16$80.16$406.88$1,909.23
5New York City$42.63$127.70$25.97$109.09$331.00$1,909.17

As for the most inexpensive cities, Dallas comes in at number one, followed by New Orleans, Miami, Minneapolis and Atlanta.

“The South is the most affordable U.S. region for a summer city escape, with a three-day trip estimated at about $1,300. That’s $450 less than what travelers would pay for a similar trip to Western cities, according to the TripIndex,” said Brooke Ferencsik, director of communications for TripAdvisor.

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