Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell continues to ask Oahu residents and visitors to remain vigilant as Olivia approaches the Hawaiian islands.

“With Hurricane Lane still fresh in our memory, we’re now facing another challenge as Hurricane Olivia approaches the state,” he said. “While the storm has weakened and is projected to turn slightly more to the south of Oahu, we have seen the importance of preparing for the threat of a hurricane or tropical storm well ahead of time. For everyone who went through the days leading up to Hurricane Lane, take the lessons we learned and use them now.”

Directors and staff of various city departments took part in a statewide video teleconference call Sunday morning to get information and updates from the Central Pacific Hurricane Center.

“I want to stress the importance of preparing adequately, but again, I’m asking that people not purchase more than they need, and if you have purchased more than needed, please don’t return items; rather keep supplies on hand for the remainder for hurricane season,” Caldwell said.

Another briefing on Hurricane Olivia will be held at the city’s emergency operations center at 8 a.m. Monday, however the center itself has not yet been fully activated, and officials have not yet confirmed a timeframe for when that could happen.

“We’re not ready to make that decision,” Caldwell said.