HONOLULU (KHON2) — The search is on for the next Honolulu Police Chief, and while it is up to the Police Commission to make the pick, Mayor Blangiardi wants a say in it as well.

All eyes are on the hunt for a new leader since Susan Ballard stepped down as police chief.

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“The Commission is responsible with the hiring process, if you will, but I certainly want to have a voice in that,” said Mayor Blangiardi.

The Mayor is looking for someone who is a great communicator, among other qualities.

“And somebody also, given the circumstances being what they are we have so many openings, that can help recruit and build our police department.”

His preference would be someone from within the Department, but he is staying open-minded.

“I think the Commission has charged itself the responsibility at looking at broadly as possible and I think honestly for the health and future of our police department and our city, I think at a time like this we should conduct a search like that. I’m just hoping that perhaps the best person wins and maybe possibly it’s somebody local or somebody who has come up through the ranks because I do think there is a lot to be gained from that kind of experience,” said the mayor.

“We welcome the mayor’s participation through what we will have an assessment center, whereby we will be preparing questions that the assessment center will be able to present to any candidates. So with that collection of data from stakeholders, including the Mayor and other leaders within the community and community stakeholders including non-profits, we hope that the consultant will be able to draw in some of those questions that we can present to a chief candidate,” said Honolulu Police Commission chair Shannon Alivado.

A consulting firm will be hired to help in the search and the Police Commission has told KHON2 that they will be asking the firm to get a lot of public input.