HONOLULU (KHON2) – It’s that time of year again to brush off the cobwebs from the running shoes you haven’t touched in a while, wash your socks, do some stretches and get ready for this Sunday’s 50th anniversary of the Honolulu Marathon. 

We are here at the Hawaii Convention Center today because today through Saturday, the Honolulu Marathon Expo will be taking place for participants to come and get their packets. 

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There are over 27,000 participants already registered. 

Let’s go inside and see if we can speak with some to get their feelings about this year’s marathon.

This place is full of people and I heard it was packed from the very get-go. 

But I was able to touch upon some ladies who are getting ready. 

Good afternoon ladies, do you mind if I bother you for just a little bit? 

I see you guys are getting some stuff all set for your race on Sunday. 

If you don’t mind, what is your name?

“Robin Guiffreda.”

What number marathon is this for you?

“This is my first one and done,” says Guiffreda.

One and done. 

Is this a bucket list thing?

“For sure. Just the one time,” says Guiffreda.

Why only one time?

“It was something I never thought I would do so I’m just going to get it done and say that I did it,” says Guiffreda.

So, are you a runner or is this something completely out, I mean, you said this is not something that you do?

“No, not at all. It’s like out of body,” says Guiffreda.

So, then what was your preparations for a little over 26 miles?

“It’s been the entire year mentally preparing for it,” says Guiffreda.

“I think we signed up in February and just trying to get in shape for it before the training. So pre-training, before the training, and just taking it step by step.”

And may I ask what your name is?

“My name is Amy Oberbeek.”

Amy, what number is this for you in terms of the marathon?

“This is my fourth and final,” says Oberbeek.

Fourth and final? 

How were your other 3 experiences?

“They were really good. I mean, I enjoyed it enough to try it again,” says Oberbeek.

So, you must have been racing prior to the pandemic and then, did you do last year’s one following the pandemic?

“Yes. I did 2 prior to the pandemic and the one last year,” says Oberbeek.

So, how do you see things getting back to some normalcy? 

“I heard that the numbers are still low but showing up here to pick up our race numbers, there are a lot more vendors than there were last year,” says Oberbeek.

“There seems to be a lot more merchandise. That may be because of the 50th anniversary, but it definitely feels like things are returning to pre-pandemic marathon experience.”

And if I could ask, why is this your last one? 

“It’s just I found the training to be a lot more difficult this year and I think I have checked the box off and I am getting a little older,” says Oberbeek.

“I am going to challenge myself in other ways to stay physically active.”

For all you participants, we are here at the Hawaii Convention Center to pick up your packets. 

Today, the hours will go all the way to 6 p.m. tonight, Aloha Friday is 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Saturday, the last day to do so, will be from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

If you haven’t already registered for the Honolulu Marathon and you’re interested, Saturday here at the Expo will be your last day for late registration. 

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No late registrations will be available the day of. 

The race kicks off this Sunday at 5 a.m. 

For all the information, click here.