HONOLULU (KHON2) — Hawaii’s little leaguers have once again captured the attention of the Aloha State.

Getting to the world series in Pennsylvania requires discipline and dedication, not just from the players but their families.

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Player Brennan Tomas’ mom Gina said the parents are “like one huge family and help each other out for everything. So that’s what’s great about this team is that we all just come together and try our best for every single child. So, we basically adopted 13 other boys through this trip for each mom.”

The parents of these 11 and 12-year-olds said they worked hard for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at this level and are enjoying the ride.

“I think they joke around a little too much, but yeah, I’m glad they have good coaches cause they — they keep them in check,” said player Jaron Lancaster’s dad James.

“Hands down, I can’t explain how much positivity it’s brought to my son.”

Gina Tomas, Mother of a Honolulu Little League player

The parents have also said the coaches have brought so much positivity to the kids that it changed them on and off the field.

“Outside of baseball, he comes home, he does his chores, his clothes are folded. He never folded his clothes before. I mean, it just overall, this process has made him a better child, you know, a better person and not just good at baseball,” said Gina.

Jaron said he’s grateful for the opportunity to represent Hawaii in front of the world and loves meeting people from all over.

He said his favorite memory throughout this experience has been “living with each other, you know, because we have to stay in these barracks. You know, we play cards, we’re trading pins with each other, you know, it’s just like a great time to bond with each other.”

Both the parents and team can feel the aloha spirit even some 5,000 miles away. Jaron gave a shout-out to the community “for all their love and support, you know, keep it coming. We’re trying to bring home this title back to the 808 state.”

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