HONOLULU (KHON2) — Keiki are our future, whether it is our beloved human keiki that gives meaning to our lives or adorable keiki animals that drive us to care for animal companions.

The Honolulu Zoo’s Keiki Zoo announced that they have some new arrivals.

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The Keiki Zoo has received three new Anglo-Nubian goats and four new baby American mini pigs that were born on a local area farm in Wai‘anae.

“We are very excited to have seven adorable new additions to our Keiki Zoo. As visitors were not allowed to pet the goats in the Keiki Zoo during the pandemic, these animals have been vaccinated and are now able to enjoy personal contact with our guests,” said Honolulu Zoo Director, Linda Santos.

The three goats, which are six to nine months old, are named after ice cream flavors: Oreo, Neo and Rocky. They are a domesticated British breed that is popular for dairy breeding because they produce milk with four to five percent butterfat which is popular for making cheese.

The four pigs are named Hubba, Bubba, Big Red and Wintergreen because the sounds they make reminded their caretakers of someone chewing gum. This is a mini breed meaning they will grow to only 200 pounds. It is a domesticated breed that was developed by breeding several other breeds from around the world.

“[The new arrivals] will join Lani Moo the cow, Crabitha the coconut crab, Julio the rooster, Petunia the hedgehog and other keiki favorites,” added Santos.

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The Keiki Zoo is located next to the Kapahulu Market which is the zoo’s food and beverage concession.