HONOLULU (KHON2) — LawnStarter recently published a list of 2021’s Best Cities for Hipsters to live in, comparing 150 of U.S. biggest cities based on anti-mainstream factors, and Honolulu ranked eighth.

LawnStarter’s Jeff Hernan wrote the list based on several different factors. Coming in first place was San Francisco, California, then Portland, Oregon, followed by Oakland, California.

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“We looked at everything, from thrift stores to farmers markets, to vegetarian restaurants to car friendly, bike friendly communities and tattoo parlors,” said Hernan. “So, lots of things rolled into this.”

According to Hernan, Honolulu has just about everything ranging from cool shops to mom-and-pop restaurants. Also, there are unique, pop-up farmers markets for community members to enjoy.

“Honolulu ranked Number 2 for the farmers markets per 100 thousand residents, so there is a lot of really cool things in Honolulu that you don’t normally think about,” said Hernan. 

Hernan said you don’t have to be a “hipster” to enjoy the unique activities Honolulu has to offer — like paddle-boarding at Magic Island Beach Park, eating at a vegetarian or vegan restaurant, or even getting a new tattoo.

“Great weather helps, and of course you have just about the perfect weather too, so that really helped out a lot because we also factor climate information as well,” said Hernan. 

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