HONOLULU (KON2) — Gas prices have hit new highs and will likely not stop there, the average price for a gallon of gas is above $5 in Honolulu.

The prices at gas stations vary, from $5.24, $5.17 to $4.75 per gallon. Luana Maitland commutes almost every day to Waikiki from West Oahu for work. She said she is paying about $10 more to fill up her sedan.

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“I used to maybe just a couple of months ago pay $50 to fill up my tank, and now I pay $60 to fill up my tank,” Maitland said. “I do that every week, you add it up every month for 30 years, that’s a lot.”

She ended up paying $75 to fill up her tank of gas.

Besides more money coming out of people’s pockets. Another drawback to high fuel prices is the crime it could attract.

In states around the country, there has already been a number of cases where people have turned to steal gas. While it is not a major problem in Hawaii, yet. Sgt. Chris Kim with Crimestoppers Honolulu said this type of crime has been an issue in the past.

“We did see this some years ago, where people were stealing gas,” Kim said. “We had cases in the past that I can recall, where tour buses parked in lots, or basically getting their guests siphoned out, or the gas tanks were getting drilled.”

Kim said buying a locking gas cap is the easiest way car owners could deter someone from tampering with their car.

Kim said, “If you’re going to park out in the street, you know, park in an area that’s well lit, well-traveled somewhere, there’s gonna be a lot of witnesses in the event that something does happen.”

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He added that drilling into a gas tank could have dangerous consequences.