HONOLULU (KHON2) – After the past three years of having to be cancelled thanks to COVID and, of course, public health concerns, the Honolulu Festival finally makes it return here in Honolulu celebrating the different cultures that span across the Pacific. 

So, to find out more on what we can expect, we are here with the festival’s spokesperson, Lenny.

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Three years that we haven’t had this festival, what was the impact of that like?

“As you can imagine, the Honolulu Festival over the years has really brought a lot to Hawaii’s economy in the form of many visitors who participate in a lot of other Hawaiian activities,” said Lenny Yajima, Honolulu Festival Spokesperson.

“So, that has been an impact that was missed. But, now, the Honolulu Festival is back; and we are excited to have performances,” added Yajima. 

Of course, there will be some new things, too.

“Something new, the Sake and Food Festival and the Keiki Craft Corner by Ben Franklin here on Saturday and Sunday at the Convention Center and performances at the Beach Walk and Ala Moana Center, too. And, of course, our grand parade,” noted Yajima.

Before I get over and we speak more of the grand parade, what is the whole point of this festival in general?

“To bring cultures from around the world to our visitors and local kamaaina alike here in one place; and it is something that if you have never been, you got to come at some point,” said Yajima.

Again, this kicks off tomorrow, March 10, lasting all the way through Sunday, March 12. 

And, Sunday, of course, we have the grand parade and then everything closes off with the grand fireworks show. 

But, to find out more about the parade, we are here with Conrad to share a little bit about the dragon that stands behind us because as you were sharing prior to us filming, this has actually been a part of the parade every single year for a long time already.

“That’s correct.  Aloha Kamaka, thank you very much for having me here.  Daijyayama, Honolulu Daijyayama has been a, I consider it a legacy entry; and it made its first appearance back in 1999, if I am correct, or ’98,” said Conrad Maranon, a Honolulu Festival volunteer.

“It’s the most expected and what the people, the visitors always look forward to, and it closes out the grand parade.”

What is Daijyayama?

“Daijyayama.  Well, there is a folklore on that.  Daijyayama actually has its roots in Omuta in Fukuoka, Japan,” said Maranon.

“How they describe Daijyayama is a deity, a water deity, that waters all the farmland and the crops and protects the people and the children.”

Again, this is the return of Honolulu Festival

Many different things to take advantage of throughout the event. 

There will be three different main locations for this festival. 

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You have here at the Hawaii Convention Center, Ala Moana Center and Waikiki Beach Walk in, of course, Waikiki.