Honolulu CrimeStoppers gives tips on how to deal with road rage after drive-by shooting in Pearl City

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — Charges are pending for a suspect accused of opening fire at another vehicle following an alleged road rage incident.

The incident happened at around 5 p.m. on Tuesday, May 25, on Moanalua Road near the H-1 overpass.

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The suspect, Iakopo Samuelu, was later arrested on Lipoa Place. Honolulu police have opened an attempted murder investigation.

One resident said this incident reminded him of the fatal H-1 Freeway altercation in March.

“It’s pretty crazy to me. It’s pretty gnarly, mind my language. It’s gnarly to me because it’s crazy just the extent it goes to here,” said Ray of Kapolei. “When I moved here, one of the things I was told when I started to drive or even before I started driving was don’t honk your horn… and it’s solely because some people will misconstrue the reason you’re honking your horn.”

If you’re caught in a sticky situation, Sgt. Chris Kim of the Honolulu CrimeStoppers says don’t engage with the other driver, meaning avoid making eye contact and keep your car windows closed.

“If you don’t engage back with them, if they don’t get a reaction off of you, you just continue on with your way, more than likely they’re going to continue with their way as well. But it’s when you start engaging with them and they get a rise out of you, at that point things could escalate,” said Sgt. Kim.

If you feel threatened or harassed, or if a driver is tailgating or behaving recklessly, call 911.

“Let the dispatcher know where you’re at exactly, what’s taking place and give a description of that driver and the vehicle, and they’ll be able to send an officer out to you,” said Sgt. Kim.

What about the other way around? If you find yourself getting angry at the wheel, Sgt. Kim says to remember that it’s not worth it.

“You know, sometimes we engage in these types of behavior because we’re running late, and we’re trying to get to our destination, there’s a lot of things on our mind, you know, so plan accordingly,” he said.

And maybe do what these drivers do.

“I think people really just need to kind of learn to let things go,” said Ray.

“We should be kind to with one another and help one another, and teach one another kindness, compassion and all that because that’s what Hawaii is all for,” said Randy.

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