HONOLULU (KHON2) — A heated debate for hours on Wednesday at the Honolulu City Council.

On the agenda was whether elected Councilmembers should be prohibited from holding outside jobs.

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But a parallel debate emerged over 64% pay increases for the currently part-time positions, which was recommended by the Honolulu Salary Commission.

So far, the Council Chairman Tommy Waters has refused to allow a public hearing on whether the Council should reject the pay hike.

In the debate, Chairperson Waters and Councilmember Jan Yamane.

“So a no vote on a resolution to reject salary, one time salary adjustment results in the pay going up, which is a direct conflict of interest. Right?” asked Chairperson Waters.

Councilmember Yamane responded to the query.

“If I understand the double negative correctly, yes,” responded Councilmember Yamane.

Then, Councilmember Augie Tulba weighed in.

“And for us to stay over here and pretend that 64 will make me work twice as hard is mind boggling. And I do. I do appreciate it. I wake up every day blessed that I get to sit in this seat, which is very honorable,” retorted Councilmember Tulba.

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The Honolulu City Council advanced a resolution that would let voters decide in 2024 whether to amend the City Charter to prohibit Councilmembers from holding other jobs.