HONOLULU (KHON2) — A local small business owner is tired of getting hosed.

After reporting multiple people on his property almost every night without permission, he’s putting pressure on unwanted guests.

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E-Opala Computer Recycling Owner Jason Gruver installed a motion-activated sprinkler, which was mostly designed to curb feral cats from fighting in his driveway at night, but he says it’s worked pretty well on people wandering onto his property.

“About three times a night it goes off right now,” Gruver said. “Some people run. Some people enjoy the shower part of it which is to keep feral cats away. The cats figured out the system pretty fast to stay away but the people who come into our yard, and they haven’t figured it out. We’ve had the same guy come back three nights in a row. Gets blasted. He seems to forget about it the next night.”

Gruver said he’s had an increase of thefts recently, which have been less of a financial hit than a problem of cleaning up the mess that’s left.

“Seems like in the last three months, it’s gotten a lot worse with people this zero regard for privacy or personal property people come on property at night,” said Gruver.

The increase inspired him to find a solution. He checked Amazon and found the sprinkler.

“We did put up an extra chain with what with that sign wanting people to keep out, but it does give me some satisfaction that they get drenched,” Gruver said.

The hope is that this can be a deterrent with no injuries, just a rainy day for potential intruders.

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“Hey if it works for us half the time and half the people run away,” he said. “The other half the people stick around with a 50% less is better than having people every day so it works for me here hopefully it worked for other people.”